Discover with Dr. Cool Mine for Gems Dig Kit

Discover with Dr. Cool Mine for Gems Dig Kit



Become a geologist at home! Inside this dig brick you’ll find 15 real gemstones and crystals, including amethyst, tiger’s eye, quartz, pyrite, and more! The full color adventure guide allows you to identify and learn about each specimen and the activity booklet includes 10 exciting puzzles, mazes, and challenges. This high-value dig kit provides more specimens and learning material than you’ll find in one package anywhere else! 

  • DIG UP REAL GEMS – Dig brick includes 15 real gemstone and crystal specimens! 

  • THE THRILL OF DISCOVERY – Your child will love this hands-on activity. What as they light up with each genuine gemstone and crystal they find! 

  • START A ROCK COLLECTION – A homeschool favorite, this gem dig kit for kids is the perfect stand-alone school project and is a great way to start your rock collection. 

  • LEARN WHILE YOU DIG – Our full-color adventure guide is written by teachers and is packed with incredible facts about gemstones and crystals. 


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