Lunar Telescope for Young Explorers

Lunar Telescope for Young Explorers



Ever wonder what the moon looks like up close? Start exploring the moon's craters, volcanoes, and plateaus. This telescope is quick and easy to set up, with simple adjustments that make exploring a breeze. 

  • SEE THE MOON'S SURFACE—You'll get incredibly detailed views including craters, volcanoes, plateaus, and more.

  • DECORATE YOUR ROOM—Glow-in-the-dark moon and star wall decals turn your bedroom into a planetarium.

  • GENUINE METEORITE SPECIMEN—A real meteorite is included so you can hold a piece of space!

  • HIGH-QUALITY OPTICAL GLASS LENSES—You get both wide 18x and close-up 90x viewing.

  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS—It's super portable, sets up in minutes, and is very easy to use.



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