Wildlife Wow! Realistic Soft Ocean Action Figure - Seal

Wildlife Wow! Realistic Soft Ocean Action Figure - Seal



These soft and squeezable animals are hand painted to look like the real thing! The free Wildlife Wow app allows you to explore each animal’s habitat through virtual reality mode or use x-ray vision to peer inside and examine its skeleton! Watch videos, learn fun facts, take funny photos, and play with the creature in augmented reality mode, or use your imagination to bring these realistic ocean animals to life.

  • SOFT AND SQUEEZABLE—Bend and move flexible plastic to mimic the animal's actual movement.

  • SUPER REALISTIC—All figurines are hand-painted by skilled artists and are incredibly lifelike.

  • FREE COMPANION APP—Features x-ray vision, augmented reality mode, cool videos, scientific info, and more.

  • ADAPTIBLE—Our awesome app works on any device.


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