10 Tips for Making Slime with Kids

Making slime is all about fun and exploration, but it can get messy! Plus, what do you do with slime once the experiments are over? We have 10 helpful tips below that will make your slime mixing go smoothly, clean-up a breeze and storage simple!

10 Helpful Slime Activity Tips

1.   Adult supervision is recommended for making and playing with slime.

2.   Our recipes have specific measurement amounts for each ingredient, so be sure kids pay close attention to the recipe when mixing slime.

3.   Set up a workstation that will be easy to clean up after the mixing and experimenting are through. A table that can be wiped off with a damp rag will be perfect!

4.   Saline solution must contain boric acid and sodium borate. Find it with the eye drops.

5.   Store slime in a sealed container to make it last.

6.   Wash hands before and after playing with slime.

7.   If you keep slime clean and sealed, it could last up to a few weeks.

8.   If slime starts to get moldy, dirty, or stinky, put it in the garbage and make a fresh batch.

9.   Keep slime away from important surfaces. It can be difficult to remove from fabrics, etc.

10. Do not put slime down the drain. It can clog plumbing.

Our slime recipes are starting points, too. Since slime is a great way to learn about measurement, sensory observation and the scientific process, we hope STEM Club scientists try new things to see what happens! Adding a little more water here, a bit more baking soda there, or even some instant snow, can really change the way the slime turns out. At the end of the day, it’s all about being creative, curious and having fun!

Show Us Your Slime with #brainfueltoys

We hope you enjoy making slime as much as we do, and when you’re done we’d love to see your results! Ask a parent or guardian to post a photo or video of your slime project to Facebook or Instagram using #brainfueltoys. You’ll be automatically entered in a drawing for a free science toy! We may even share your post with the whole STEM Club!