Printable Cloud Slime Recipe

Download free cloud slime recipe

We have a lot of fun mixing ingredients and creating slimes to play and experiment with. At our STEM Club slime activity, our junior scientists combined slime ingredients with instant snow to make a few batches of Cloud Slime. You can see a video of the group making cloud slime here! Even better — download the recipe and instructions to make your own Cloud Slime at home!

If you loved this recipe and want to know more about the science of slime, be sure to download our printable information sheets on polymers and non-Newtonian fluids! Or, if you want to experiment with different kinds of slime, see our six bonus recipes!

Show us Your Slime! #brainfueltoys

We hope you enjoy making cloud slime as much as we did, and when you’re done we’d love to see your results! Ask a parent/guardian to post a photo or video of your slime project to Facebook or Instagram using #brainfueltoys. You’ll be automatically entered in a drawing for a free science toy! We may even share your post with the whole STEM Club!