Free Slime Science Activities

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More Free Slime Recipes!

Want to try some other slime recipes? Download our free bonus slime recipes to make at home, so you can experiment with different kinds of slime. From wet snotty slime, to rubbery bouncy slime, there are several easy slime recipes here so you can try them all and find your favorites. To keep track of it all, we also provide a sheet where STEM Club scientists can track their slime tests from prediction to explanation.

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Cloud Slime Recipe and Activity Guide

Download and print our Cloud Slime recipe and instructions so you can mix up your own slime at home! Watch the video to see what happened when we did this activity with our STEM Club junior scientists.

Slime Science for Kids: What is a Polymer?

Our free, downloadable instructions and information pages are full of details about the chemical and physical properties of slime. This “color and learn” printable is designed for young scientists. Kids will learn that polymers are a chain of molecules, called monomers.

Slime Science for Kids: Slime is a non-Newtonian fluid.

Why is slime so strange? It all has to do with viscosity, which is a fluid’s resistance to flow. For instance, a typical (Newtonian) liquid’s viscosity changes with temperature. A non-Newtonian fluid, on the other hand, changes viscosity in response to pressure. That’s why cloud slime will feel different in your hands if you pull it apart slowly, or quickly roll it into a ball.