Kids Say Slime Is...

How does that slime feel?

At a STEM Club activity, our junior scientists mixed, squished, and played with lots of different kinds of slime. As we measured and stirred the ingredients, we saw, felt, and even heard the glue and water change from a wet mess into a slimy blob!

One of the interesting things about slime is how it can feel like both a liquid and a solid, depending on what you do to it. (Learn more about slime’s non-Newtonian fluid characteristics here!) We put together a fun compilation of our team describing and reacting to slime. It’s amazing how one thing can inspire so many different words and reactions!

Special thanks to our friends at ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum for hosting this STEM Club activity!

Show Us Your Slime with #brainfueltoys

We hope you enjoy making slime as much as we do, and when you’re done we’d love to see your results! Ask a parent or guardian to post a photo or video of your slime project to Facebook or Instagram using #brainfueltoys. You’ll be automatically entered in a drawing for a free science toy! We may even share your post with the whole STEM Club!